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Hi, to my website

my name is Keith I have been researching this world and all of its Mysteries 30 years now.

Seems like everyday I always find something new to be thankful for something new you probably haven’t even thought about before.

We’re looking pretty difficult time right now because we’re at that time where our world from the way that we know it is transitioning and preparing to ship until the new error.

this new era is commonly referred this new era is commonly referred to as Information Age , but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Would International globalist governments planning on regulating d natural order of nature and we got man he was in his right capacity a sovereign among the world but has been reduced near Wards of the state, people who are dependent on the very same powers that he created just to govern under a United the separated body politic. Unfortunately according to the United Nations Charter and their goals to wards stainable development things are going to have to change.


no more of the days no more the days when we had the luxury 2 relax have fun and enjoy the beautiful world living. Now you just live in fear not knowing when we going to be attacked bye electromagnetic weapons or Dangerously potent electronic devices that we use everyday have been turned into you hazardous materials.


unfortunately you’re at a time where we’re having slowly turn around and go back into the state of reducing our stronghold over technology or it’s going to be the end of us man and Mankind as well. Unfortunately we didn’t have very much time to spend with their Amazing Inventions. The purpose of this blog introduce a resource for people who are prepared or wanting to prepare for the worst that is yet to come. This loves for people who have been targeted individuals being harassed by electromagnetic frequencies have been victims of being gang stalked.

for those of you who for those of you who are not aware gang stalking it’s called or also known as organized stalking is a treasonous terroristic practice that money hungry citizens and some public officials have decided to pick up to harass certain individuals when they discriminate bye picking them as targets to harass stock and to terrorize.

Unfortunately I have been a victim of several degrees of gang stalking as well as being bombarded with electromagnetic weapons and frequencies being admitted from just about any and every acoustic device cell phone or Bluetooth device that I see everyday. I’m not special there are many others who are victims as well the same kind of people with the potential to cause this world to become a much greater place have been made political enemies by the power hungry Elite Four in charge of governing those from  wish to be governed.

But this website is a resource and Tool to help battle the Injustice is that our being suffered  good people. From my experience the kind of people were being targeted by this month apparently and many others that have even mentioned it are being attacked almost as it seems as if they are unrighteous but if I weren’t a victim myself I would not have  humble myself. Even though I am aware of this torture and strength that these amazing people have.

In  my  harassment I have experience being stalked by government officials in government vehicles and let me tell you it scared the bejeebers out of me, but one thing that I’ve learned is that no matter how bad the devil  has hatred for the children of the most high , it only seems to make one appreciate the strength that he has to keep them.

So this blog website will be dedicated to those  who are strong or  meek as it says in Matthews of the new chapter Testament King James version of the Bible how   the meek shall inherit the earth, well I submit to these demons because I don’t know. But one thing I can say is that the end is near and those who are first they shall be last for it was written and it cannot be mistaken those who are last patient first and with that I mean it they should be first to go in Parrish or they have showed war with the most high God he is without weakness of hatred for love is a perfect quality of our creative he forgave the very same people who crucified him. There is one thing that will stop the devil in his tracks and next to admit that the most high and how he will ultimately Prevail against the serpent as it was written in the Book of Revelations.

so if you so if you are victim of B2K my control with us or possibly targeted bye electromagnetic charges just remember so  was Jesus.



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